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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 19, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> clouds are approaching toght. inging rn. fit we have en in almostwoee weeks. good evening everyon i'm caryn johnson. >> let's start with sandhya and live doppler 7 hd tight ndhya. >> yes. we are watchgsome oudsnd sosome moiure fr those clds. les cck out li doppler 7hd. few sprinkles arnd the y area so far tonight being rported
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fromfo to the ninsula. you caseetas i loothe rada he ju manufacring tough not all this was reachin e ground. there is mor coming main storm is well to the nortof us. just located st the pacif norwest and iant thow u the tingof t sysm. tonig 1:00.m. fewprinkle illossie as we hea that the morning hours 5:00 a.m. you will notice some rain beginning to develop and it picks up as we head that the noon time hour with the possibility of snow on mou hamilton. me sw this t foreca. ompte loo ofhe detailut ju rembegrab embrla when you heaout e dor. >> all right anks seeou shtly. stay wh us for live update a this stormoves ross the bay area. we'll be tracki it all morng with live doppler 7hd flowed by leifpdatesn the hr thughout the d. >> sdented tonightfter ra or the ekend santa cr happed on trail the midd of th uc cams. that atta fllow t shooting that volved atude off
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campus la week. lilln i ve fromc santa cr wit last onhis.lillia. 2 maj incents in st e week . 1 ar studes herere feengnervou santcruz pice offirs poed flrs around uc santa cruz cams tonig. asked r thcommity lp i idenfying t m who bea and ped 21ear-oldoman sund afternoon. she had been walking along wooded path on campus between the upper am by eater and classrmnit buildi. >> sca because you ver thin that oing to lik haentyour cams. >> saa cruz arted stunts by tt msagend mail. aces iued a bonthe look oualert tother cnty law enfoementagency. rist is deribed as 200ound muular or stockwhite mn i his twli blk hairreenyes muachend goae. he's about feet 10 incs ll. >> think wt kes this on
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feelifferent is that it haened in the middle of e day. involved the viim haid not kw te assaant. >> even befor sunday pe students had been on evey. uc santa cruz senior was shot and robbed last monday evening wheit waiting at bus op. she sviveth sootingut atck is stil othe loos. >> i d't kno what tohink. ishisa coincidence or think like sta cruz is beming a scary plac to be. >> eher way studen say they pl to be me gilan and off cpus. >>like putting the key in between the fingers of your hands when walking around. being really careful. looking arou training to be alert. the usual ampusolice have added patrol since sunday rape how long that will continue will be assessed day by day. live at uc santa cruz, abc 7 news. >> thank you. mansues pested of killing 3 people dung a drugeal in
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sonoountyas been aested in alabama. 46-ar-old mar capawaing extrationo liforn invesgatorsay wasinvolv in the bruary fiftsomewhatinof 3 m ar restlle.authities say e victi hadntendeto buy a lae quanty of majuana. cap arsted last thursday dung roune traffic stop. asstant ief th the hiway trol faces chars tonight helping s n skip to to esce rape argen esno investigars s 20-yeaol spenr scar lef the u. in december three days before a jury found him guilty. he was captured last week in mexico. tonight his father kyle who works for the chp accuse of misleading investigators with bog missing prsons report and plantingbloodn the famy driveway. his daught and wife al face arge. whe family inrouble. >> new at 11:00 livermore mother who serbed time in prison for having sex with unr age boys is now back in jail. 44-ye-oldhrisne huseenceto 5 yrs in prison in 2010. hub was dubbed
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hummer mom for the suv she used for sexual encounter. she was rested friday in hayward o paroleiolation autrities ha not sd what e dito getarrestedr when she got out of pron. right now she's being held at the jail with no bail. >> tonight there a call to suspend cal kabul coach mike ntgomery for shoving star player during last night me. it's cing from sta senarwho so hapnsto b a gruate oc berkel. john is live for us at the pavilion on the cal campus. john? >>reporter: coach montgomery alrey repranded by e pa 12 anathletic directo has sa hisehavior is unacceptable but state senator yee is callg for a suspension saying it will hopefully wake up the coach abo his behavi. all cferee last yar. repoer: sharp jb by c baetball coh montmery last only spli sond but e fa out linr. y a ate senat and callumni
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caing on theniveityto suesen t coa f at let one me. >> you dot allow history pressor toush a studt as a arning lesson. i don' understa whyou do that in the athletic department. while this may a basketball game, this still in part of the structiona pgram of th u system >>repoer: cch mtgomery shed starlayer crab dung sunday nhticto over usc. terefincing t aions motivatial tacc. >> told him wod i dot agn. i wt to wichlity i ge ivolved and thin theskids sometimes the done realize how hard it is to win. >>reporter: then he did a quick pivot issue ago writn atemt saying while my intentas to motivate ou studenathletes my behavior was in apppriatend i apolize f my actions. few week ago tre was reported lay simir indent between hend another pler. n campus ere crab image looms lar, retion is mid.
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>> mucho do out thing at thisoint. issued an alogy and i think wshould nufacture on at this point. >> coach said he was caught up in theeat of the moment t ev then think the coach should be lile fis action he's ufor suspenon ihinkt'sell derved >>rerter cal has fought commend on yee ca for suspension. tomorrow the senator plans toall and send a letter to university officials asking for the suspension. he says if nothing happens it will weaken the confidence in uc berkeley. is is 7news >>kay re to come on that than vermuch. >>ere's frhteng story. sittg ithe home and without warning treerass thugh the rof.ithapped tod d ha'tven staed raining yet. treeell into a home in diablo east of danville. that's where allen is tonight with this story. allen? >>rerter we artoldhis was t a weaer relate incident but there could be weather related problems with that storm on the way and now
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that this family home roof has been crushed. >> shock is over i need a little somethi. >>reporter we say calmed by some wine brought over by a neighbor recalled the sound of her home being crushed by a nearly 400 year old oak tree. >> i thought it was an earthquake and wole bay aa doomed. massive wre i was. >>repoer: iwas sighor e whole couny club towof diab to see. maive0 if the valleyak that ushethe mily ro. the c th prary moat me of ansportaon arod here. the lfcart. >> my d foritoy so h's a ttle bum canell. e it in his face rig no >>report: homeownepete says hwas inheami ram and waive wain the kiten when theranches oke through the ilin. tree we tughtas heahy. w h tried i ket oportion crect. >>ell om theuide probably did ok thaway once ifell youould s mo
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what was going onith t ots themsees. >>reporter: he valy oak a circferee laer tha the family ding room tab and riddledith disease. sap showed how much water an old oak cap retain. >> we are lift thanksgiving stuff with a small crane but we get a bigger, big crane to get the massive part of it off. >>repoer: the fmily happ nobody w injed but th won'be ae to stayn eir me tight bauset has been red tged until a structur engineercan investate and spect . repoing live inhe town o diablo, abc 7 ne. >> stunning damage thank goodness northbound was hurt. thank you gas prices asyou ve probabl noced gone up 32 straight days. one month ago drivers in san ancisco pd an average of 3.67 gallon. aordingo trip ahe samas cost 13 gallon today inease of 46 nts. alyst ame finery
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closin andnnual chge from winter ble to re expeive summer bnd fue pces expect to kp ring too throh ring >>ou don't ve bac pa you kely kn somebod w do. >> fst 3 wees. mply codn't walk >> so wha a yourption sns surry ways the awer? weake a ok at me choice that is cld hp you or somee you ow. >> gnast andkier d iall the time.stuntriverhas attempted a back flip i car. you will see the landg coming u >> and live dppler hd tracking rai as itpprohes the yarea. 7ews meteorologis sahya nex with t forect. >> ter onjimmy kimm live. andy rig there sting in to me. >> he's righ i'here'm righagain. >>nd we'lle back jus60
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>>nd we'lle back jus60 cond
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>> eimated 85 rcenof pele livinin thenite stes will ffer froback in at so point in eir'she n 1 ladin cae of disility this cotry. tonht aloser ok atreatme optionsnd ad what to nsider beforre sger surgy. >> jior high principal steve prided himself o ing a near scratcgolfer and live ng hlete until ba condion fled last year. >> a lot o pain. articurly the as. >>reporter dav fisr an avid mouain bike whoraw teamlyro roadherestuntil he w in aimilarosition. >> for theirst 3 weeks simpouldn't wk. >> both sout e advice o safrancisco surgeonlight. some othe sympto were similar dad was treatd with
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physical therapy and medications while steven wound up having a successful but0's indicatedeurgery. r. light ys knong t reasonbehind the fferent eatment plan uld hp fure ck pients unrstandheir n optio. >> thevege w wou lke to wai ateast 6 mons. 6 mont t 2 yrs fore recoendingurgery f paper alone. >> d lighsaysost wer back pain ces resolve thselves in the first three nths with combination of rest and medication. but the pain lasts for 6 months the odds of spontaous coverygo wn to 50%. till . lit sayshe desion t opete stlestsn 2 k nsideratns. >>o. 1 is the problemseve. is the pblem le altering do you hav difficulty tting t ofed. o yohave fficul ging toork. nexis wheer surgeoncan confidently tce t pain to like source using an mri or other aging technue. n stevs case a diskeplacement
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ocedurhelpdecoress the seion of spinenflaming t rroundinerves contion used by jury o tural deteoration. >>etween a 40 yes old compreion of thspinalord or snal nerve root due to heiation of the disk prosecute probablthemost common. >>reporter he says slightly older patie'sike david a condion is more coon be spurorm o the inothe spe narrowg the canal and tha can grave th nervwhen twisd.treaent inlves surger or alternative such as apartment inflammatory drugs. >> we simply treated him with medication and in one situation we gave himn injection a e pain relved. bot sve a david sa they are n pain fr and hopi to return to t tivities ty love most. >> i'm willing to get the bike and givte shot home run in myorldo g out a my golf aga i'm a 4
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handicapplaying during the summer i can get down to a 1. i just want to be able to play golf and enjoy my kids. >>reporter: surgery is required several rect advancement cluding isk replement whic if some cas canake the place of tritional fooinl spal fusion leaving the bk more exible. perent of us. bk problems >>estaurt ijapais findinustors they n't finishvery last b o thr signate dish. afoo staurant knn for thdish of saln piled sky high on bed of rice. working conditions for fishermen so dangerous the restaurant sees it as sign of appriation iall e dishs eaten. thateans ery grain of rice on the plate. customers who do not finish the dish must give an extra donation. >> nissan plans to open research center in silicon valley to devop sf drivin rs. oogl has en tting e technogy forears in t baarea. nissan movehe curren resour from his japan to sunnyva just milefrom
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google hequarrs. ssan o bliev self driving cs n't be fsibl unti2020 beuse regulory e a techlogical hurdle. >> women of the first fily skied in colorado presiden mself went golfg in florida withiger woodsnd flew ba hometo washiton toy. on wedsday i'lhave the chance to sit down with mr. obama for exclusive one-on-one interview at the white hous i'll be traveng to dchis weto ierview present obama i lf tomorrow. my rept live from washington begin airing tomorrow evening at 5 here on abc 7 news. >> i'lbe re rorng t ne cple daisy tweeting from washington as well. at dan ashley abc 7 so follow me on twitter as well. lackin r experience opportunity to talk about issues we care abou abou >> we look forwa to hearing what he has say time. all right t's check now with sandhy >> w said at t top srm is comi. >> st time wead measurab
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rain he i the b are brua 8th. itas been a longime inomingswe check out live doppler 7hd not whole lot is happening but there is moisture coming. it's up to the north. crescent city eureka a light moderate rain fallg right w. we ha a wint weher aviso begiing at 4 a. for th sier nevadaake coty aea ruing unl 11:00 m. tuesy. eecting 6 t continue ihes of ow ov thmountain andnow level wi beround 2000 that'shere theinter athe adsory inffect weigh lack fm ghefinitn roof top mera you n see a beautil view of thba idge spaling tnight. streets are dry therehe ba brge is dry. temratus in the mi40'sround novat santcruz lermo 47an ancisco 49degreediffent ntage pot fromhigh definion cera. noticehe shakeyamera. etting gus out the. higher terrai 20 to 30 miles anour wind gust at this hour and the temperatures are falling at 40
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in santa rosa. most other areas in the mid 40's. here is a ck at whais comg.and it is gog to getetor the rning rain rives ovnight. chce of tnder. snowossible downo 2000 feet the nth bay mountains. here's reason for it. the storsystemere is comg out of thegulf oalaska. cd aiassoated witit so it t so mucthe aunt of rn th we a goio 7ut th innsity of this sysm in teerates of the cdnes an what i wilbring. let mehow yo comput anition 11:0p.m. tight few sprink le eaier tonight then we sea steady rain. a ttle bch at:00 m. manyf yoheadut theoor. morningoesn and some of you he out f the morni rush ho later on. you will noti some lightmoderate rn with the ough comg thugh at :00 m. ould s me snow mixing in with rain around mount hamilton and lake county area in the hills so just be aware of that. the low will go throug early wednesday rnin l wind do d
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overith. ainfl total qutero half annc thrgh tuday night. so ju be aware of thfact that it is going to be slitomorrow and in the mningspecllygive yourse extra tim pper 30's upper 40's. make sure you bundle up. it is going to be a chilly day. check out the high for your tuesday. in the south bay 50 f sanose. sunnyve. rganill froo degrs in u neethe ra gear on e pensul 51 redwoodity he coand cifica downtown n fransco sunsistctnly 51 degrees d as you look up tthorth bay rht aund the clear lake area cld you s some rai snow m tre. 53anta rosa. east bay coor than avege for this time ofear. facry om wt we saw or th ekend. 0 in oaknd. inlandrea 50 for concord. walnutreek au-wehe day recasthuerstms cnce coul s some sma hail. snow yest's possib. dryi out wednesday thursy
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iday. sighthance o shows rerning by turday d teeratur willtart to me on as we he into ndayonday mid 5s to mid 60's. >> noticeably cooler thank you. >> oscars this sunday. less app week away. 7 news the only place to watch our live coverage begins at 2. so be sure to down lo our ofcial coors app. >> accessto more th a dozen camera with streaming video from behind the scenes and on the red carpet. oscars app available for i-phone i-pad androidand kendl- kile fi. >> rit no sringraining geing under y. >> yes larry here with that and sports. >> what do you when y have o much tall sent in n sothing i have h to woy out niceroblem t a's have decisio decions for bobmelvinike will havthe stor from spng trning in izona xt. izona xt. >> it wasn tt fun. ere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangoos.
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barrow isla has g rare kangoos. ♪ chvron s bn develing engy re for decades. we need to protect their environment. we he a strict quarantine system to protect e integrity of the environment.
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forty yea on, it still a ass-a tureeserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ good ening. ke will hold theegulareekly ne nference tomrow but nothing regular about it. cahoops ach wi cerinlye lkin about e sh. ack2 has reimanded mogome f pushg cb. a fir ntgomery laughed is ofas tivation tact but ad w not amud at allssue ago statemen sayinghis wll not ppen ain. w n persctive th is noere
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near seriou aknig inanachoking id in 17 bu theact is yojustan t put your hdsn a player can't dit nblostcon toywith dth olakers owr jerrbus grew up in poverty in wyoming. work etc and smarts led him to l.a. al estate empire and lakers estimate at billion dollars in value. 32 yrs at the helm and made the finals 16 times. winning 10titles man would created show timeas btling cancer. dr.erry b 80ears old. >>o baball's tr surpri lastear nning the alesto what d they dohis yearithxpectationeleved here's mike in penix. >> a'sanagermelv a lot of talenton ts are sier an looking forrd toiece thksgivinguzzle tether. >>ightot beoo my5 ma roster sts openut whin th 2man roerwe aretill tryingto fige some this
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ouso tt's a good thing ways wt cmpetitio andnd ys goi out wit etradge pling toake a jowhetr ret ba orhatevend th's aays a good dynic t have him camp. >>reporter: former d back young come over in a trade. tour starters in the out fld. o thbest wean i think findin te formula ding the seas to g evebodyrop amountof pyingtime. wil be therickbut weave spri training tigure out. >> you pitchg staffas year of perience unr the be thatake huge dierence >> th made siificant ridesast ye whether park or malone. feltery confident witthe llpen i don't know th i havbeenn a team tt has is kd of dept. >> forbob melvitoo much talent is a gre oblem to ha. in phoeni withhe a i'm mike sport >> we fish e tra shot golfn north rr lea. 9
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ayers ned up in a strght line. hi t putt simultaneously. down they go goerstudents and pga golf nagement program at cabell unersity cck it out one reime that is ry cool. how ny tys do you ink it ok. oncetwice, would you beeve 28? ey wer outhere l day. the th tame w e charm. >> 7 sports bught tyouby rir rockasi. >>hat'sun ishatreal cool >> anksery ch. coming up xt. a stunt never before attempted. >> no. heidn' tryhis time. thearedil bind the whl trng to do 36 degree backlip. doehe stickhe ldingm
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